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Now days Hydraulic Hoses have developed mass acceptance for Hydraulic Circuits because of its easy maintenance and flexibility it provides to the machine operations in comparison to the hydraulic tubes which are not so easy to maintain or hydraulic pipes where maintaining high pressure becomes difficult. At Flexotech Products we manufacture premium quality Hydraulic Hoses which are easy to maintain and provides flexibility of operations to any hydraulic circuit. Hydraulic Hoses manufactured by us are tested on temperature durance, pressure capability and its fluid capabilities and then it is rated on quality.

The Hydraulic Hoses made at Flexotech are made up of High Quality Rubber and Stainless Steel and woven wire. The Rubber pipes have precise diameters as per the client’s requirements which are covered with woven wire and again a coating of rubber which gives it high endurance power and the stainless steel used at the end of these hoses ensures the long lasting ability of hoses which ensures high performance for a long time for the entire Hydraulic Circuit along with safety of the equipments.

We do understand the role of Hoses in a Hydraulic circuit and our zero tolerance quality policy and kaizen adaptability ensures that the Hydraulic Equipment using our Hoses performs efficiently and safely.