High Pressure Hoses

Flexotech supplies a range of high-pressure hoses for various industries. Our high-pressure hoses are fabricated with an inner core of thermoplastic material, with several layers of reinforcement high-tensile steel wires and wear-resistant outer covering. As a result, high-pressure hydraulic hoses are an ideal choice for hydraulic applications.


The high-pressure hydraulic hoses are made to bear extreme physical conditions and ensure a safe movement of liquids or gases. In addition, our high-pressure hoses come with excellent chemical resistance properties; the friction is minimal to ensure a swift flow and a low permeation level ideal for gas and oil applications.


High-pressure hydraulic hoses are ideal for transporting mineral and hydraulic fuel, fuel oil and water-oil emulsions, road construction, agriculture, mining and oil and gas industries.

Construction of our high-pressure hoses:


  • Tube: high-quality synthetic rubber
  • Reinforcement: braided with high tensile steel wire
  • Cover: abrasion and weather-resistant
  • Operational temperature: -40 to +212


We aim at providing world-class quality to our customers with our unparalleled services. We believe in constantly evolving to better our products manufactured as per international standards for uniform quality.

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