QUE: Can I use a rubber hose for very high temperature?
ANS: Generally hydraulic hose can be used up to 100º C for oil. High temperature hoses are also available which works up to 135º C for oil.


QUE: Is it necessary to specify hose Internal Diameter even when thread size is specified?
ANS: It will be very appropriate to specify thread size as well as Internal Diameter of hose to facilitate the desired flow.


QUE: Can I specify “flexible” braided hoses for all my hose requirement?
ANS: No. Though all hoses are flexible, it is necessary to specify the inner core material like rubber, PTFE, stainless steel, silicon, PVC ,food grade rubber etc. and also it is necessary to specify the braiding like steel wire braided, textile braided, SS over-braided , on outer diameter.


QUE: I have a hydraulic hose with me, Can I use this for high temperature water or steam application.
ANS: No. The inner rubber for high temperature water & steam application are different. Hence it is not advised.

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