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Flexotech is one of the leading hosing and tubing manufacturing companies, serving excellence for two decades. The advancement of industries and usage of various chemical-driven products have given rise to permanent weld-type fittings to reduce wear and tear and better production rate. These tight fittings remain unaffected during any extreme pressure or temperature conditions. Weldable are helpful in bearing any shocks, vibrations, or thermal distortion for a safer environment. Various industries which depend on permanently welded fittings are chemical industries, high steam pressure, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc.   


For any weldable fittings, the key factor is durability which helps in achieving a longer shelf life. The constant harsh physical conditions including temperature and pressure-demand the fitting to withstand the extremities. The fittings should be able to bear the heat generated through the welding process. Low-grade fittings can melt or burst to harm the products or the workforce around. The weldable fittings come in various shapes and sizes for different industrial needs. The sizes are standardized as–  

For carbon steel- ASTM A234Gr.WPA/B, ASTM A420 Gr.WPL6 

For alloy steel- ASTM A234 WP1/ WP5/ WP7/ WP9/ WP11/ WP12/ WP22 

For stainless steel- ASTM A403 WP304/ WP304L/ WP304H/ WP304H/ WP316/ WP316L/ WP321/ WP347 


Flexotech maintains all the standards regarding quality and compatibility. Our weldable fittings offer a firm grip for the pipes and prevent any bursting, leakage, or cracking. We believe in delivering best-in-class products without compromising on a single-minute aspect. Our products go through a rigorous testing process which includes temperature and pressure testing to know if the fitting can adhere the extreme conditions. We aim at producing versatile products and quality. Our constant efforts to excel and provide global standards to our consumers have made us reach the heights! Our vision for technologically advanced equipment for better-performing businesses will continue to thrive.

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