Vena Sil 650V


® Registered trade mark of VENAIR.

The 650/V silicon tube is made of silicon material that complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, FDA-BFR Part XV from Germany, and optionally with USP Class VI. It is a platinum-cured high purity tube, manufactured with four polyester fabric reinforcements and 302L stainless steel wire spring encased inside the tube.

Inner appearance: Translucent and smooth.
Outer appearance: Translucent (standard) or colored (specialorder), and smooth.

Silicone material option:
– FDA/ BfR Part XV
– FDA/ BfR Part XV Platinum Cured
– USP ClassVI Platinum Cured

The standard manufacturing length is 4 m (13′}. Upon request, 6 m length tubes (19′ 8″) can be manufactured.
* Other diameters can also be manufactured. Please consult.
** Pressure data is noted at ambient temperature. Pressure values should be reduced by 20% for each increase of IOO°C / 2I2°F

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