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Flexotech is a hosing and tubing manufacturer company, producing quality products for almost two decades. Customers throughout the country have entrusted the products and we constantly work hard to uplift the trust. The regular problems of corrosion and short durability of the products have aroused the need of producing quality-assured SS hose fittings. These hoses prevent any corrosion, prevent contamination of the products, and increase the life span of the equipment. These hoses are suitable for a flexible moment of the pipes rather than a rigid form.

Contamination is a major drawback of not using SS hose fittings. Normal hoses may degrade the quality of your end product but SS hoses are unaffected by the heat and pressure due to the presence of stainless steel. They reduce the effect of vibrations, noise and support products in a complete vacuum. Stainless steel helps in preventing any inflammation providing a safe environment for transportation.

Various industries use Stainless steelhydraulic fittings manufacturers for numerable applications like Plywood, paper plants, power plants, auto companies, petroleum, steel plant, research centres, etc., for different purposes. We maintain the standardized specifications followed by all the hose manufacturers worldwide– the hoses can bear temperature up to -460F to +1500 and the pressure can vary from 3250 psi to 185 psi depending on the diameter of the pipe.

Flexotech is an ISO-9001:2008 authorized manufacturer producing high-quality products for its customers. We assure the quality and standard maintained for a hindrance-free system.


Our products go through a severe testing process including various temperature and pressure tests for providing you the best quality possible. We have a special team of experienced engineers designing technological and environment-friendly products for our customers’ complete satisfaction.

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