Silicon Hoses

Silicon Hoses are crucial components in various industrial processes. The unique flexibility of these hoses connects components to guarantee smooth completion of operation. We specialize in providing high quality Silicon Hoses for various types of industrial processes. The silicon used in these hoses are specifically designed to tolerate the high pressure industrial operations.

Flexo Tech Products was initiated with a vision to cater to the dynamic demands of various industrial sectors when it comes to Silicon Hoses. From Hose Assemblies and fittings, to all related accessories, Flexo Tech is a leading name in the South East Asian markets. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Flexo Tech has become a preferred choice for industries all over the globe.

Currently, the company is the single source point for the widest product range used in multiple applications, ranging from power transmission, earth moving machines and machine tools to conveyance of hydraulic oil, compressed air and thermo-fluids.

The usage of silicon hoses is not nascent. The hoses have been in use for more than three decades. A variety of processes rely on these hoses to complete the operation. For instance, navy uses silicon hoses in many devices and so does army. Not just defense services, various other sectors also contribute to the increasing demand of silicon hoses.

Our expertise and equipment empowers us to be able to deliver in accordance to this demand.


Here is why you should choose us when it comes to housing the supply of top quality silicon hoses:

  • We use the best process only
  • Our material is procured from reliable sources to guarantee top quality
  • All silicon hoses are affordably priced for maximum gains
  • We guarantee on time delivery
  • We prioritize customer service and ensure that you as the customer are able to make the most of your investment
  • Our experience and expertise ensures we qualify to handle even the complicated requirements