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Note -The above pressure ratings are at working temperature of 20 Deg .C.

Flexotech is a leading manufacturer providing PTFE lined hoses In Bangalore, the hoses are versatile and used for different applications in various industries. For example, flexible PTFE tubes can be ideally used for transportation, aerospace, chemical transfer, pharmaceuticals and food handling.

The PTFE hoses can be operated under harsh physical conditions, making them ideal for various industries like pharmaceutical. We are a leading Pharmaceutical & food grade hose manufacturers in Bangalore, assuring you with the best quality. These hoses have excellent chemical compatibility, heat resistance and can withstand multiple pressure levels. If you are looking for flexibility with solid performance, these hoses are an ideal choice for you.

These hoses maintain various pressure levels, temperatures, vibrations and come in two variants which are braided and non-braided, and you can choose whichever you want according to your requirements. Compared to other hoses, PTFE hoses have less friction and do not let any material stick to them, ensuring an easy passage for the fluids.

The hoses are used in different industries like:

  • Chemical industries:

® The hoses are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

® Chemical industries for transferring various fluids.

® Used in transmitting corrosive material

® Used to transfer cosmetics

® Used to transfer purity fluid.

® Transfer of hot fluids


  • Automotive and Railways industry:

® Used as fuel hose

® Used as turbocharger hose

® Used as a coolant hose

® Used as auto brake, motorbike brake and diesel engine hose


  • General applications:

® Used for carton filling machines

® Used for gas filling under high pressure

® Food and beverage industry

® Used in food packaging

We are also a Poly PTFE convoluted hose manufacturer and medical hose manufacturer. A single hosing solution is never enough for any industry, every industry has its unique requirements, and variants of PTFE hoses help in fulfilling the same. There are different types of PTFE hoses available for distinct industrial needs like:


  • Medium pressure smooth Hose:

This hose consists of an inner core of PTFE hose and outer layering of steel wire braid. The low friction surface is ideal for fast flow of substance; it can be easily cleaned or drained and is widely used in the compressed gas industry.


  • Rubber-covered chemical Hose:

These chemical hoses come with an inner core of rubber, covered with PTFE for safely transferring various chemicals. The material is highly chemical resistant suitable to transfer chemicals, solvents and petroleum products. With our excellence we have become a top Chemical resistant rubber hose manufacturer among many.


  • Conductive Hose:

These hoses are ideal for high flow rate applications wherein there is a probability of static build-up. The hoses are conductive or anti-static, which helps in the easy flow of the substance.


  • Convoluted Hose:

These hoses are manufactured with smooth round helical shaped convolutions, which makes self-cleaning and draining easy. In addition, they are highly flexible and maintain the purity of the substance in the Transfer. We are a leading PTFE convoluted hose manufacturer, offering the best quality service to our customers.


  • High-pressure PTFE hose:

These hoses are heavy-wall hoses covered with braided reinforcement for flexibility and high-pressure applications.


  • Process hose:

PTFE has excellent chemical resistant properties, making them an ideal choice for the inner covering for processing hoses. In addition, the cover makes the transferring of liquids easier and helps in self-cleaning.


Note –The above pressure ratings are at working temperature of 20 Deg .C.

The PTFE Hoses provided by Flexotech are robust and versatile, which can be utilised for various industrial applications. Our hoses give a tight bend radius for firm grip along with flexibility for easy transportation.


We also provide custom-made solutions for your unique industrial requirements. For example, unlike other hoses, the PTFE Hoses can maintain their strength even in high-pressure conditions. The hoses also come in various sizes to suit your need.


If you are confused about what dimension will best suit you, we are one call away!


We will help you make your ideal choice and help you enhance your hosting system for swift production.


Our hoses go through a rigorous testing process before reaching you to give you the best quality possible. In addition, we have a dedicated R&D department that always works toward improving and matching our products with the current industrial pace.


We make our products according to international standards and assure you of durability, strength and highest quality.

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