Industrial Pressure Hoses

We are a leading manufacturer of Industrial Pressure Hose which are ideal for conveying fluids, gases and solids under pressure. The hoses are suitable for reducing any kind of vibrations that disturbs the hosing operations. Industrial pressure hoses come in various pressure capacities for unique industrial requirements; the pressure can range from low to medium to tens of bars depending upon your particular needs.


Industrial pressure Hoses are divided into various categories depending upon their usage in different industries:

  • Industrial pressure hydraulic hoses: We provide Parker Hydraulic hoses with nominal size 1” and unit length 3m.
  • Water hoses: The nominal size is 1inch, and the unit length is 30m.
  • Spray hoses: the nominal size is 3/4inch, and the unit length is 1m-6m.
  • Corrugated hoses: Nominal size is ¾ inch, and length is 6m-12m.
  • High-pressure hoses: The unit length is 3m, and the nominal size is 1 inch.


We manufacture hoses that are ideal for every unique industrial requirement; we understand your needs and help you with the hosing system which is best for you. Our hoses are made with high-quality synthetic rubber with braiding to ensure a safe transfer of liquids or gases.


We provide you with hoses with high-quality hose assemblies for a perfect hosing system. We aim at providing world-class quality to our customers with our unparalleled services. We believe in constantly evolving to better our products manufactured as per international standards for uniform quality.

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